?`s and ANNEswers

Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


Today Earl and I drove to Holland to meet a potentially new investment planner for our modest portfolio.

In case you don’t know, Holland, Michigan, is home to an amazing tulip festival each May. We’ve gone a couple times, and it’s well worth the effort. We even stayed at a hotel with a swimming pool that resembles the outline of the lower part of the State of Michigan; that is, as it is often characterized as a mitten.

But today was serious business. Earl wants to change financial planners; and, while I don’t have as much attachment to this project as he does, we went together because I am the person with a thousand questions in any given situation.

We met K and spent a good portion of an hour batting questions back and forth. It was most productive, and we headed home with some homework to do before making any changes.

Holland has one more thing going for it. Before we left, we had lunch at Arby’s, one of Earl’s favorite fast food joints. It was just across the street from the investment planner’s office. And I suspect if he goes to Holland again to meet with K there’ll be another roast beef sandwich in his future.

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