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Hungry Anyone?

I’d always heard that the easiest way to gain five pounds was to take a three-day cruise. The 24-hour buffet, plus three squares a day in the dining rooms, guaranteed success.  The thing is: Who needs to gain five pounds these days?

I don’t think the culinary department on the Regal Princess focusses on this. Rather, it’s more concerned with offering a variety of foods that appeal to the twenty-eight different nationalities that the passengers represent and making sure that everyone – from Americans to Zambians – finds something to eat.

To that end Regal Princess has outdone itself and every other ship in the fleet that Earl and I have been on.

There is the expected buffet and official dining rooms.  But, in addition, this ship has two specialty restaurants – one Italian and the other a steak house – as well as a hot dog stand, a pizza stand, a mini-Italian restaurant, a sushi bar, a cappuccino bar with paninis, and the most incredible pastry aisle. Each morning there is a roving breakfast station.  Today’s fare was Croque Monsieur; yesterday’s was Belgian waffles; the day before was crepes.

I understand that food becomes even more important when you’re crossing the Atlantic and are stuck on a ship for days at a time. And I don’t expect the culinary department to worry about how many calories the guests are consuming.

Still . . . for Earl and me it’s a challenge in self-control. We’ve gone on a dozen Princess cruises, and are proud to say we’ve gained only two ounces total from all of them. This cruise will probably tilt the balance in the other direction.

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  1. chris says:

    Hi Anne,
    Sorry it took me so long to check in on your blog… Ghosttown kept me busy. I remember that rough weather you’re talking about. I had just put some of the outdoor furniture out and the next morning it was all tossed around like dolls. Safe travels! xo

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