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In Comparison

Today I continued my battle with AT&T and conversed with Max, Aaron, and Larry. I’ll have an alphabet of first names by the time I’m done. And, of course, I learned that the order I’d placed on October 11, almost two weeks ago, hadn’t been fulfilled properly.

It didn’t surprise me, but it did make me mad. Especially when Max, Aaron, and Larry all started their spiel with, “Hi, I’m ___________, and my goal today is to make sure your are one hundred percent satisfied with my service.” Oh, please! I can’t even get the same answer from two people in a row!

In comparison, the fallboard (That’s the lid to the uninitiated.) of the piano I purchased from a small local company seven or eight years ago has a crack in the veneer. It isn’t a big thing, but since the piano cost more than my car I thought I’d call the store where I purchased it to see what could be done.

First, I actually got a human being on the line. Compare that with the communication giant called AT&T, where you fight to find a human to speak with. Second, I explained my problem to the man who had sold the piano to me several years ago. How often do you get the same salesperson with a telephone company? And finally, Dennis will fix the fallboard, no questions asked and no federal taxes extra, for free. He didn’t even check the warranty dates.

I’m not sure what the lesson is here. Big company vs. small entrepreneur? National company vs. local business? Tech company vs. creative endeavor? I only know the comparison was not lost on me.

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