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Junk Mail

Our snail mail these days is filled with catalogs, flyers, bills and the very occasional card or letter from a friend. These usually occur around birthdays, and I treasure them. But they arrive so infrequently, I’d have no problem seeing our postal delivery service cut to three or four days a week.

I wish I could also stop the flow of junk e-mail that proliferates more than the real paper catalogs. As I write this there are eighty-one emails soliciting my attention in my spam folder. Of course, I don’t read every one but I do scan the subject line in case my spam settings accidentally tagged a legitimate email as junk.

Here are some current emails that really are junk . . . as well as the email address they came from. Info@agslvedro.com wants to tell me about a better bra because that’s “what all women wish for.” ALL women is a pretty big statement, and I wonder how it was determined. Does it include women in China? In India? What about women who don’t wear bras?

Info@mouleglit.org kept its email short and to the point. It invites me to earn a cooking degree and points me to the website involved. Freescore@animalcrackeria.com is concerned about the security of my identity and wants to monitor my credit scores. Then there are emails urging me to print grocery coupons, get the online degree I “deserve,” and cash in on cheap airline tickets.

I guess it’s a law that if you want to unsubscribe from these websites, the email must provide a link to how you do that. The thing is it sometimes is more trouble than it’s worth, especially because every single email address I’ve published here doesn’t exist. I checked each one for validity. So the easiest way to get rid of junk is to hit the Delete All button. Ironically, a window pops up and asks if I’m sure I want to do this. Trust me, I’m sure. It’s the equivalent of pitching a smail mail without opening the envelope.

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