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It’s Mother’s Day, but I believe I’ve already blogged more than once about my aversion to this Hallmark holiday.  So instead let me share something I noticed today.

My wedding ring won’t come off.

Not that I want to remove it permanently, but it’s snug; and I would like to give my finger some relief. So I used dish detergent and water to see if I could ease the ring past my knuckle.  It worked. Then I eased it back on.

The thing is I have a penchant for beautiful rings and a collection of them that was fifty years in the making.  How ironic it is that I’d already noticed many of them don’t fit over the knuckles on either hand. I’ve wondered what to do.

I can enjoy the rings in my jewelry box and remember how I came by them. I can give them away. Or I can have my favorite rings re-sized, but at sixty to one hundred dollars a pop (I’ve already priced this alternative.) it would mean only my favorite, favorite rings.

I suppose I could research the possibility of knuckle surgery; but neither WebMD, Google®, nor YouTube® offers much in the way of information. And coming on the heels of the death of my favorite jeweler (See May 6 entry), this knuckle issue could be the catalyst for selling my collection and saving only those rings that truly have the most sentimental value.

Mother’s Day has nothing to do with rings or knuckles; still, it is a reminder that this Mother is getting older and her hands are showing the wear of years.

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