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Labor Day

It’s the unofficial end of summer, just as Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning. In between we’ve enjoyed one hundred days of mental vacation with extended daylight, no coats, and overflowing farm stands. What could be better?

Actually, today was better in a couple ways. First, my husband who still works as a Realtor® was on “vacation,” since he held no open houses this weekend. In fact, he had no business calls either. I suspect it was because everyone was enjoying the last day of freedom before the school schedule started in earnest.

Which meant – the second way today was better — we lolled around the house, did a jigsaw puzzle, watched some TV, and managed to do everything except work. I caught up with my garden; he caught up with a program he likes called “The Prophet.” Or maybe it’s “The Profit”; I’m not sure. Regardless, we enjoyed the last vestige of summer to the hilt

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