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Last Day

Today is our last day on the Regal Princess, as it is for about 1500 other passengers. (Another one thousand are staying on eleven more days and going to St. Petersburg.)

Those of us who are history tomorrow are cramming as much as possible today.

The breakfast buffet was abnormally crowded, and – as I write this — people are already queued up for the last Pub Lunch of the cruise.  The line at the Passenger Services desk is formidable, and the number of people attending the final Zumba class in the Piazza is dizzying.  I won’t tell them they’re not going to work off all they ate in seventeen days in one hour. Heck, it would be the pot calling the kettle black.

Earl’s rented tuxedo has been whisked away, and as soon as I finish the last 40 pages of an Anne Perry mystery, I’m taking it back to the ship’s library.  Bingo and trivia games continue unabated. So does the casino and the art auction.

We’ve already made a reservation for dinner for two for this evening. After that, we’ll pull out our suitcases and begin the return to reality.  Even though we’re staying three days in Copenhagen before flying home, reality is when you have to fend for yourself without 1300 staff members eager to please you.

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  1. Jeannine Marks says:

    Been reading your posts every day and feel as if I’ve taken the cruise with you! Without any of the sea sickness I’m convinced would accompany me on any boat, no matter the size. Sorry it’s over but will be glad to see you in person for a May lunch.

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