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Life on the Open Seas

I am struck with how a cruise ship could be a television soap opera complete with all kinds of passengers and all kinds of crew. There are the passengers who cannot be satisfied, regardless of how tender the filet or how perfect the cocktail. And the passengers, mostly first timers, who are in awe of everything.

There are crew members who are veterans, like our current room steward who has been doing this for eleven years.  He’s told us this is his last contract, finished in June, and he’ll never come back.  I imagine he’s seen a lot of changes in those years, as have Earl and I.

And like the passengers, there are also first-time crew members.  I haven’t met any so far on this cruise, but I have met a woman who works in the spa who is only on her second contract.

This morning the Captain came on the public address system to say that one passenger was being evacuated by helicopter for medical reasons, and that it required various restrictions for part of the ship so that the helicopter could land safely.  Some passengers had to leave their cabins. Over the next couple hours he kept us posted as the situation unfolded. And when it was done he thanked everyone, especially a couple whose wedding was postponed because of the helicopter’s arrival.

So it goes: yin and yang. A vacation ended by a medical emergency and a life together temporarily delayed by the same event. Some passengers leaving tomorrow, while others staying on.  The same with crew members.  It’s a modern version of the Love Boat.

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