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Today, the company my son and his partner own launches a new website.  It’s been more than two years in the making; and in that time the economy hasn’t been particular good to them.  I don’t mean their personal finances; I mean the growth of Fred Flare, their fifteen-year old business.  They are pinning their hopes on this new website to turn the company’s finances around.

If I compare this to other national programs, mostly those related to space exploration, I’d say they might win the battle but lose the war. We all know what happened to NASA and Cape Canaveral even as the general public watched lift-off after lift-off.

That said, staff is working incredible hours to launch the new site; the company has used untold resources; and the prospect of the site not saving the company isn’t even on the owners’ radar.

So while I believe I am the realist in the group, I hope that a miracle occurs, that we lift off into joyous  economic renewal, and that Fred Flare continues at warp speed ahead.

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