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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


I am an inveterate list maker. Every day that list governs what I hope to do, although I often don’t succeed in completing everything on it. This creates psychological issues too. If I were to finish everything, then my mind tells me I didn’t reach far enough. And if I don’t finish several items, my mind also says I didn’t reach far enough.

I’ve built a trap.

Those of us who are list makers need be aware that the list is a tool and not an absolute. To make sure it functions in the right way, perhaps the list maker needs to subcategorize those items on today’s list that are absolutes and those that are deemed as just getting ahead of the game. It’s the former that need to be addressed. The latter are gravy.

Currently, I’m working on a new plan for my lists. Instead of creating one every day, I’m going for every other day. Which means the things that don’t get done on Day One get relegated to Day Two along with a few additions. Yes, usually the ones that carry over are in the gravy category, but that’s okay.

Because at my age everything seems to take longer on the absolute list in the first place.

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