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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


Last winter, Earl had to replace some pricey item on his Avalon (Neither of us can recall what it was now.), and I bought four new tires for my Camry. In both cases, we received a rebate in the form of a pre-loaded Visa card. The total between our two rebates was $145.

We bought lobster.

First we went to Red Lobster in Mishawaka, IN, where we ordered a hearty supply of the crustaceans (tails only), and the restaurant staff did all the work. We dined. (See yesterday’s blog about the difference between dining and eating.) For a chain, Red Lobster was very good, especially when you consider we live in the Midwest and lobsters are not native to the Great Lakes. They must fly in from elsewhere.

Tonight we spent more of the rebates and cooked lobster at home. By now you’ve guessed this was a scientific study to see which we liked better and not just a frivolous expenditure based on new tires.

Truthfully, even though I did the cooking myself and Earl did KP duty, we liked our own broiled lobsters better. The boiled and parsleyed red potatoes and the coleslaw weren’t bad either. But the best part was that we still have money left over to do it at home again. Soon.

Maybe even on the weekend.

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