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Losing Beethoven

I don’t know how it happened, but my Sirius radio channels are mixed up. Earl claims he had nothing to do with this.  They were fine on our Milwaukee trip last weekend, but somewhere between then and now a gremlin has gotten into my system.  My favorite classical channel, for example, has completely disappeared. And talk radio has taken its place.

I hate talk radio and I miss Beethoven, Mozart, and their colleagues.  So this afternoon I attempted to re-program my channels.  There are almost two hundred possibilities for commercial-free radio, and I want the ten I had this time last week.

I spent almost an hour trying to get back there.  Checked online to get the most recent lineup of channels.  Took that information out to the driveway, since I can’t get a Sirius signal in the garage. Searched for the instructions that came with the radio on how to program the channels, but came up empty-handed.  I was on my own.

At the end of the hour, I’d figured out three channels – Broadway, Classical, and Old-time Radio Programs – but am still a long way from where I was. However, Beethoven has returned; and I’m enjoying his “Moonlight Sonata” once again.  Mozart and Handel can’t be far behind.

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