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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


Anyone who’s had moles infest their lawn and gardens knows what I’m talking about. They are pesky little animals who burrow just under the earth’s surface, creating tunnels all over the place. These tunnels are squishy, ruin the grass, and make it treacherous to walk without possibly twisting an ankle.

The last time I dealt with this was ten years ago at my former house. I thought, to pilfer a phrase, I was “home free.” But two days ago, I realized moles had found me again. The thing is you must react quickly. One or two moles can wreck a lawn in a matter or days. Ignoring them just encourages them.

So I called my gardener friend, M, who came right over. He is a pro when it comes to moles. And before I could say “One, two, three” he had his traps and his worms (The moles eat the poisonous worms and die.) and his vengeance at my disposal.

In fact, within the space of one afternoon, M had already trapped one culprit. Score: Humans 1; Moles, look out. Update later.

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