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Moving On

Two days ago Earl and I made the Big Leap. We turned in our dinosaur computers for the most up-to-date models Dell could provide for home use.  We upgraded our operating systems and our version of Microsoft Office; and we hired an IT person to help us navigate this giant leap forward.  We are still navigating.

Our old computers had served us well and for a long time, probably longer than the tech industry wanted.  Earl’s PC was about nine years old; mine was five. But each was showing quirks and causing frustrations when they took forever to boot up or talk to the printer, which was also on its last leg.

So we bit the bullet or took the plunge or whatever other cliché you want to use. Basically, we traded the frustration of creaky equipment for the frustration of learning new versions.  We haven’t saved any time yet, and I suspect the rest of the week will go the same way.

But for two days into the mission I am glad we did this.  It wouldn’t have been any easier next year, because our brains are the only things that didn’t get upgrades.

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