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Moving On

Today I feel almost like my old self. I don’t know if the kidney stone is still around or not. I do know I don’t hurt and I have energy. Additionally, my primary care doctor contacted me about an appointment next week to follow up.

I give him high marks, especially since the urologist I was to see has never returned my calls. I don’t expect him to return them personally – that’s what his office staff is for – but you’d think that six days would be long enough for me to move to the top of the call-back list, particularly since I was referred by the local emergency department.

Besides the differences in doctors’ responses, this past week has also taught me the value of drinking a lot of water. I’ve heard about the benefits of doing so for years. From trainers, yoga instructors, doctors, dietitians. It flushes the kidneys; makes the skin shine; decreases the appetite. But I couldn’t bring myself to consume a gallon or more each day.

Still, I decided to keep a fresh glass of water by my side all the time, because the ER doctor said it would help. Just making this small adjustment boosted my consumption considerably. It’s a habit I hope to continue going forward, whether I reach the liquid goal or not.

Glug, glug!

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