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My Oncologist

I went to the appointment with my oncologist yesterday only to receive great news. I am deemed relatively cancer free and put on the one year schedule to check in.  It’s five years out from my surgery and the risks decline from here, so I am grateful.

Still there was tragic news. The physician who saved my life is now battling his own form of cancer.  He is on medical leave, and I knew that.  I also knew I would see his assistant for this visit.  But before my appointment, there was a phone call that told me she had resigned and was already gone.

It caught me off-guard, and I began to sob.  This was the team that had been with me from the beginning.  It was the surgical team, the post-op team, the follow-up team. I didn’t realize how much I relied on them to tell me I was well.

I went to the appointment anyway and met with someone new.  It’s not as if I’m a struggling survivor, so I understand that I need to give other patients precedence. Still, I’m grieving, and I’m not sure why.

I only know I’m here, and I’m not sure where Dr. Michael Rodriguez and his associate, Sheila Fleming are.  I hope they are in a good place.

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