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Natick Rocks

It’s our second night in Natick, where the Boston Marathon runs through from Mile 8 to about Mile 11 in two days.  It’s farther from the finish line than we’d planned; but, for one good reason and another, this is where we landed.  We are not unhappy.

The staff of the Hampton Inn has been most accommodating.  The standard breakfast included in many hotel stays these days has been exemplary.  So has the front desk’s knowledge of how to maneuver during the marathon itself.  We learn more and more each day about road closings, shuttle options, and things to avoid.  It’s clear Natick merchants have done this a time or two.

We dined tonight in historic downtown Natick at a local seafood restaurant called Dolphin.  I’ve always been a devotee of leaving one’s money in local establishments when traveling, and Dolphin proved to be another reason why.  The service, the food, and the atmosphere were most worthy of what we paid.

We also scoped where the West Natick train station is because Kevin will run by it about 45 minutes into the marathon.  Keith, Chris, and I plan to be there to cheer him on. Then we’re boarding the commuter train at the station and heading east to Heartbreak Hill where we want to scream at him again before we all race to the finish line.  He will be running; we will be navigating the transit system.

When the race is over and we’ve reconnected (and possibly had a brew or two), we’ll wend our way back to Natick on the commuter train and collapse in comfortable rooms of the Hampton Inn.

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