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No April Fool’s Joke

I suspended blogging on this site in early December because I wanted to focus on my new publishing company, Spectacled Bear. In truth, I was also so disappointed in the presidential election that all I wanted to blog about was critical and negative. It seemed best not to blog at all.

I’m still disappointed in Spectacled Bear’s financials and in 45’s performance, but I’ve moved on from focusing solely on them. So it seems appropriate to pick up the creative pen (in the form of a keyboard and a website) once again.  In fact, I’m looking forward to it.

Maybe I’ll blog about how my 200 tulips survived winter and March, and are now about to bloom.  But, given Nature’s fickleness, I imagine they’ll be in full blossom the week I’m in Boston MA watching my son run the Marathon.

Maybe I’ll blog about my new trainer, the one who replaced my favorite trainer ever.  We’d still be working out together, except that he moved from the area. Or maybe I’ll blog about my year working on my publishing venture.  It’s been a challenge, and – truthfully – even though it’s not working out as planned, I’d do it again.

I started blogging in 2004 as a way of keeping my writing skills up-to-date.  I’d resigned all my freelance writing accounts and vowed I just wanted to write for me. Turns out I’ve come full circle.

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