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To follow up on yesterday’s blog, I’m studying the condo rules and regulations where I live to be up-to-speed on what is and is not allowable in terms of “personalizing” the outdoor space around our respective homes.

Truth be told, I’ve taken liberties to the fullest in the firm conviction that my tastes in flowers and flower beds is beyond reproach.  However, the condo docs say I am in violation of the following restrictions:

I have trellises; not sure they’re allowed. We have attached sensor lights to our gutters and a keyless garage door entry to our wall.  Currently neither is allowed. We have one birdbath; not allowed. One yard art animal named “Rusty” given to Earl by his daughter.  Not allowed. There are almost 30 pots with flowers; not one is allowed. We’ve carpeted the patio. Don’t know if this is acceptable. Planted perennials: rose bushes, daisies, black eyed Susans, Easter lilies. Only annuals are allowed. And, yes, my garden hose is buried in the mulch to make for easier use.  It’s supposed to be hiding in our garage.

The next meeting of our committee is two days from now.  At our home.  I haven’t decided if I should resign from the committee or offer myself up as an example of someone who will comply with the new regulations.  Any recommendation may be sent to anne@annebrandt.com.

Till then, I’ll enjoy this wonderful summer of flowers, made especially poignant because it could be my last.

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One response to “Non-Compliant”

  1. chris says:

    Maybe the rules need to be adjusted… They sound way too strict. #FirstWorldProblems

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