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Note to Self

Never, ever again attempt to update internet providers, telephone companies, television programming, cellphone usage and a computer with 87 viruses (Yes, that’s what caused Earl’s computer to crash this morning) all in the same week.  Even when you’ve done your homework.

There is always something you didn’t know that you didn’t know.  There is always something the former providers had that you’d become accustomed to that the new providers don’t offer.  There is always a learning curve.

So far I figure I’ve spent at least 12 hours this week navigating that curve.  And there are probably several hours ahead of me before my new smart phone and my computer like each other, before Earl’s computer returns from the hospital, and before the Chicago Bears are back on the big screen.

It’s not that we didn’t have great technical assistance.  Rather it’s that we’re slow to adapt to new technology.  As of this blog, Earl’s solution is to return to using 3×5 index cards for his contacts and legal-sized lined paper for his word processing. He might talk me in to doing the same.

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