?`s and ANNEswers

Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


Both Earl and I are only children; you would think that makes us kindred spirits. It doesn’t.

Instead, each of us thinks our way is best. We know the best way to set the table, park a car, handle a cell phone problem. We are sure our way is better in using a vacuum cleaner, washing dishes, doing laundry, even arranging the rug under the kitchen sink.

(I know. We’re acting like only children . . . emphasis on the last word here.)

The rug under the kitchen sink has become a flashpoint. I want it positioned so it’s centered on the double sink; Earl wants it so it’s abutting the cabinet under the sink. Both are logical as we discuss this issue. Still, neither of us will give in, which leads to a repositioning of the rug umpteen times a day.

Finally, we agreed that on the even days of the month Earl would rule how the rug sits. And I would have the odd days.

We arrived home from our road trip this afternoon, and I promptly positioned the rug how it was meant to be. After all, this is July 31.. Earl was in complete support. And tomorrow, August 1, is also an odd day. So I get an extra opportunity to have the rug the way I want.

Rereading this, I’m torn between mentally chiding us for such silliness and considering the even/odd arrangement for future disagreements.

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