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Pea Soup Is Like That

I love split pea soup, with or without ham.  It’s comfort food at its best. And I particularly like it made from scratch instead of from a Campbell’s® can.  Still, there are issues.

They’re not about finding the ingredients (dried peas, broth, onion, ham, salt, pepper.) or owning a pot big enough or having time to monitor the cooking.  Instead, it’s all about the peas. Or rather, the cooked ones.

In its warm condition, split pea soup is creamy. But let it dry and scum – this isn’t a technical term – appears.  For example, I make the soup in a crock pot.  When I’m ready to store it in containers, I make sure the crock pot itself soaks as soon as the soup has been packaged.  I didn’t do this once, and it was a challenge to clean the pot.  It’s also a challenge to get of dried soup spots off counters, sponges, and napkins.

This isn’t in the same category as the currently crashing stock market or the Ebola crisis or the upcoming election; still to some degree it affects me more than any of these things on the day I make split pea soup.

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2 responses to “Pea Soup Is Like That”

  1. Carol Parks says:

    Dried pea soup should be analyzed by the Dept. of Defense. I’m sure it has properties necessary for national security.

  2. chris says:

    I like split pea soup way more that crashing markets and viruses. Viva the green

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