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Plain Is Vanishing

Recently I whined about the loss of ice cream in quarts and small animal cracker boxes. Today I’m grinching about the loss of vanilla yogurt and plain hamburgers. Great filet mignon too.

Let’s take it point by point . . .

I went to the local yogurt shop recently, the one where they give you a large cup and direct you to a bank of fourteen different yogurts so you can choose, mix, match, and fill your cup to your heart’s desire.  Then the cup is weighed because the cost is by the measured ounce.

I searched the fourteen yogurt spigots from left to right and from right to left.  There were some wonderfully concocted flavors, but no vanilla.  So I asked an employee where the vanilla was. She replied, “We don’t have vanilla this week; the closest thing is white chocolate.”

Excuse me, but white chocolate isn’t anything like vanilla.  I know, because I took the employee’s recommendation.  I put chocolate sauce on top and then added Snickers® bits before checking out.  Paid for my treat and then dug into the creamy yogurt.  It didn’t satisfy my craving for vanilla at all.

Hamburgers . . . it is impossible to purchase a plain one.  At the very least there is lettuce, tomato, and onion.  Then there’s cheese, bacon, avocado, mushrooms, and – the newest addition – over-easy eggs. Ketchup and mustard usually show up too.

The thing is when I order a hamburger I want to taste the meat. Hopefully it’s really good meat, but all those accountrements make me suspicious that it isn’t.  I understand restaurants are probably trying to cater to different peoples’ taste buds; but my taste buds prefer plain.  Good quality, just plain.

The same thing is happening to other types of beef.  While I don’t eat filet mignon very often, I still hold it to the same criteria as its lower class cousin, the burger.  The meat must be tender and of the best quality. I’m okay with some of its natural juices arriving with the entree, but please leave the a la Oscar, the au poivre, the Bearnaise, and the side of lobster tail in the kitchen.

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