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Please Print the Recipe

The latest Williams-Sonoma catalog came in the mail recently, and I am disappointed.

I’m a committed devotee of W-S, and I especially enjoy looking through its catalog because of the recipes the company includes to show off its various cookware or other accessories.

But it seems W-S is following an online retail trend to encourage readers to visit its website for recipes.  Case in point:  The slim twenty page catalog had a couple photographs of entrees that looked enticing; one was the pumpkin lasagna with fontina.  Rather than offer the recipe, however, W-S told me to go online and find it.

I feel as if this is extra work.  I have to check in with my computer, log on to the W-S website, probably register with an ID and password, and then search for the recipe in question.  If I need to register, this means I shall be bombarded with emails going forward.  So pumpkin lasagna will not be eaten in my near future.

I realize I’m probably a hold-out from another era, which translates to my being old.  At the same time, I have disposable income – something many people my age have – so wouldn’t today’s retailers want to take that into consideration?

Wouldn’t they want to attract as many customers in as many different ways as possible?  Which is to say, please print the recipe.

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