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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


All of a sudden, I’m popular. Like in high school, when two boys asked me to the same dance. It didn’t happen often, but when it did I was flattered.

Now, several people are wooing me, all via email. Al Gore wants me to volunteer my time for Obama’s campaign. Hillary Clinton wants me to volunteer my checkbook. Senator Chris Dodd reminds me it’s “too close to call,” while Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi harps that it’s all about change. General Wesley Clark says there are thirty-three congressional races up for grabs; and the candidate himself, Presidential nominee Barack Obama, writes that “the last thing we can afford to do is look up on November 5, and find ourselves counting the way we could have won victory in the most crucial elections of our lifetime.”

Ah, it’s nice to be wooed.

I must admit I have received no invitations from the McCain camp; and, for a while, I wondered why. But then I haven’t donated to his cause (I haven’t donated to Obama’s either.) , so maybe that’s why I’m not on any GOP email lists. Or maybe it harkens back to what McCain said months ago, that he wasn’t particularly Internet savvy or email smart.

Actually, none of this popularity matters; because I handed in my early voting ballot to the local township office yesterday. In addition, Earl handed in his. Which means we’ve cancelled each other out. As usual.

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