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We used a GPS on our recent travels, but the truth is I prefer road maps. So we also brought along the 2019 Road Atlas purchased at a truck stop earlier in the year. It’s filled with information GPS doesn’t need to get us to a destination. And that’s precisely the stuff I’m curious about.

For instance, as we were driving through Ohio I learned the population of the entire state gave it seventh place on the population list for the entire fifty. It made us wonder what was ahead of Ohio and what was behind.

So, in order of population in 2019 (not an official census count), we have California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ohio. To round out the Top Ten, there is Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan.

None is in the middle of the country. Except for Georgia, they all touch the Great Lakes, or the east and west ocean boundaries, or our Canadian and Mexican neighbors. For the record, at the other end of the spectrum the least populated states are Wyoming and Vermont.

Given that we’ve already entered the political season for the 2020 presidential election, I imagine a lot more people will be paying attention to the statistics of a road atlas than a GPS to win the ultimate prize.

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