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Progressive Luncheon

I’m writing this early in the morning, since I’m going to Chicago for the day to enjoy lunch.A progressive lunch.

A group of us is taking a charter bus to the city where the object of the trip is to dine, dine, dine. It’s also a getaway from our daily chores. We’re leaving in a couple hours, and our first dining experience is The Drake, that famed hotel that hosted most of Chicago’s Illuminati over the years, as well as other cities’ Illuminati as well. We’re having appetizers there.

As an aside, I lived two blocks from The Drake in the 1960s and would love to wander down Elm Street for a rewind. But I also want to be back on the bus when we go to Petterino’s for the entre. So I’ll probably just visit Elm Street in my memory.

After Petterino’s, it’s dessert on Navy Pier at Riva. By then I’ll probably be comatose from food overload, as I usually eat most of my calories in the evening instead of at lunch. I’ve told my seatmate that I plan to sleep on the return to Stevensville where we’ll disembark, start our cars, and return home.

Perhaps another blog is in order regarding this excursion. But it remains to be seen.

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