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In my day I’ve done battle with giants: Verizon, AT&T, and now Sirius Radio. I can’t claim that I’ve won thousands of dollars in compensation; but I can say, for what it’s worth, that my voice has been heard. Sirius is the most recent case in point.

For the uninitiated, Sirius radio provides commercial-free music in a variety of forms – classical, jazz, sixties, hard rock, country, you-name-it – 24/7. Of course, you pay for the privilege; and Earl and I are both willing to do so since we abhor commercials.

My battle started in July when I wanted to renew our three year subscriptions for both Earl and me. If you prepay for three years in advance, it is considerably less expensive than paying by the month. The thing is, it appears Sirius customer service representatives are not trained well enough in mathematics to understand this concept. Which is why I’ve spent from mid-July to now, trying to get our monetary charges right and our radios activated.

I’m so frustrated that I decided to quit Sirius; Earl isn’t quite there yet, but then he hasn’t been on the phone with these mathematical morons. So more recent conversations with customer service have been about deactivating my radio while keeping Earl’s active. As of today, both radios have been cut off.

What to do? I went to Google® and searched for AM and FM radio frequencies in my area, thinking I should at least explore this option, That’s when I stumbled across Radio-locator, which asks for your zip code and then gives you the call letters and the frequencies of the stations with clear signals in your area. I was surprised with the wealth of information.

Currently, I am exploring these stations – especially the FM ones to see if they are of interest. If so, they are free. I’m not sure I can convince Earl to give up Sirius just yet, but if the issues continue, I hope to make a case. If you’re interested in the best radio on your dial, visit www.radio-locator.com. Say Anne sent you.

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