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Random Stops

We have driven from our home to the family Thanksgiving holiday untold times. Years ago it was a nightmare when drivers both north and south on Indiana 31 were required to go through Kokomo and its unending stoplights. That was after having already stopped-and-started through other small towns first. But several years ago, a by-pass was completed that made the trip shorter and more enjoyable, although I doubt the merchants in Kokomo think that.

Still, we’re now under three hours and fewer stoplights from family. Instead of whining about the drive, we now look for interesting places to visit along the way. We had two in mind on this trip.

Wilson’s Amish Store has a well-placed billboard several hundred feet from the road where you turn into its parking lot. Given this beacon of light in a really gloomy day, we slid smoothly into the right place. We’ve been here before, but this time we did the shopping we might have done at the local supermarket closer to home: homemade chicken pot pie for an easy dinner, tomatoes (Yes, really good ones!) pretzel bread, Amish cheeses and meats, The only drawback is that restrooms for guests are porta-potties that are really uninviting.

Our next stop was to be Pie Place for dessert. But there was no billboard, so we flew by the entrance at top speed and decided not to make a U-turn.

Which only shows the value of advertising.

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