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Reel Time

8:30 PM – It’s Oscar Night, the film industry’s annual acknowledgement to itself.  Usually boring; unbearably long; and at least one curmudgeon. Still, I tune in every year if only to see the designer gowns and upswept hairdos. Tonight I’m blogging in real time about it.

8:35 PM – Neal Patrick Harris takes the glittery stage. He does a great number, but it isn’t up to his Tony hosting performances.  Not enough to work with.

8:45 PM – J. K. Simmons wins best supporting actor; thanks his wife, children, and parents.  No mention of God.

8:50 PM – Cameras pan the audience. I hardly recognize any guests. There’s nobody over forty, except Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep.

9:50 PM – American Sniper wins its first award.

9:51 PM – Patricia Arquette wins best supporting actress for “Boyhood.” Acknowledges every citizen, argues for wage equality for women. No mention of God. (This is not the CMA Award show, where God shows up a lot.)

10:10 PM – Best animated feature film is “Big Hero 6.”  I saw previews; not sure I’ll see the real thing in spite of its award.

10:36 PM – The “In Memoriam” section of the show, where those who died this past year are recognized.  This year we mourn James Garner, Lauren Bacall, and Mike Nichols among others. Always poignant.

11:08 PM – Best song goes to “Glory,” the anthem for the film “Selma.” Acceptance speeches are emotional, address slavery back then and black incarceration today.

11:20 PM – Lady Gaga sings a medley of “The Sound of Music.” Then the real Julie Andrews appears.  Maybe we’re getting close to serious awards now. Still to come:  Best actress, best actor, best film.

11:25 PM – Cut to commercial.  Voice over confirms there is lots more to come, although the TV Guide says the show ends at 11:30 PM.  But then this is Hollywood.  Over budget and over time. I’m going to bed.  No spoilers here. In retrospect, another boring evening.

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