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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


Winter must be getting to me.  In checking my blog I see my last few entries are all about food.  I’m not sure what this means, but maybe I’d better step on my scale for a reality check.

Other people seem at wit’s end too. When I went to work out, I heard someone say, “I am so sick of this!”  Meaning the harsh weather we’ve had this season.  To which I responded, “So is everybody.  You’re not unique.”  Which is another indication that winter is getting to me too.  I’m usually not that snippy to strangers.

I loved the snow in January and enjoyed being housebound as I transitioned from the work force to the retirement club.  I caught up on household projects, began writing in earnest again, and read more than I’d read in the past few months. I wasn’t even unhappy that the groundhog saw its shadow at the beginning of February.

But I must say it’s all becoming tedious.  It takes much longer to do anything that requires going outside, and being housebound is becoming less enjoyable because it’s not special anymore.  Maybe that’s why I have food on the brain – and the blog – these days.

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