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High school reunions and college reunions are frequently noted in local newspapers, but there is seldom mention of one for grade school graduates.

Maybe it’s because elementary school is now further divided into early grades, middle grade, and junior high, etc.  Maybe it’s because an eighth grade diploma is hardly the pinnacle of academic success anymore. And just maybe it’s because — as an old friend Bill Cunnea once said — childhood is a place we hurry through and then miss the rest of our lives.

My experience has proven to be different, because I just returned from the third annual reunion of St. Louis Cathedral’s grade school class of 1957.  I wrote about the first two reunions (http://AnneBrandt.com/10min/potpourri/grade-school-reunion ) and (http://AnneBrandt.com/10min/potpourri/second-tome-around ) and was sure there was nothing left to say.

I was wrong.  So I’ve just posted an essay about last week’s gathering in the Potpourri section of this website.  Look in the category called “Essays.” It’s titled “Resolution.”  (http://AnneBrandt.com/10min/potpourri/resolution)

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  1. chris says:

    Anne, it’s so cute that you trek back to St. Louis for your gradeschool reunion. I’m so impressed how you’ve kept your dear friends over time… I wish I has such luck. xo

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