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Yesterday, I posted a tip on how to make great fried chicken, the kind that rivals my favorite KFC. Today, after further investigation based on a new batch of the bird, I retract that tip in favor of further research.

I still support yesterday’s comments about door handles and car washes, but the chicken thing is in question. I’m not even sure it’s about the “paste” that is supposed to be the secret to success; perhaps it’s the operator’s ignorance or the temperature of the skillet or even the size of chicken breasts (ginormous) in question.

Still, I don’t have the recipe down yet, even though I’ve served it more than once.  I know it needs work, since Earl will eat anything that doesn’t look healthy; and even he pushed the most recent attempt at fried chicken around his plate.  In fact, he said: “Honey, the next time you want fried chicken for dinner, let me know. When the rest of the meal is about twenty minutes away from serving, I’ll go to KFC and get us some.”

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