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Sail Away

The Captain just announced that enough fuel has arrived that we can make it to Lisbon, Portugal, where more fuel awaits.  He predicted we’ll leave the shelter of Southampton within half an hour and head into the Atlantic.  With this new timetable, we’re due to arrive in Lisbon forty-eight hours from now.

This means two more days onboard ship before there is a reprieve.  No matter.  Once we’re actually moving, there will be a lot more for passengers to do because none of the onboard stores can be open when a ship is in port; neither can the casino.  But that’s about to change, and I suspect some of the grumpier passengers will begin to relax.  As for Earl and me, we couldn’t be more relaxed.

The Captain did warn that tonight’s seas would be markedly rougher than last night’s because we have no protection.   He also said that we would head straight for Bermuda from Portugal, which means another six days at sea after we leave Lisbon.

Earl was the one who wanted to do a transatlantic crossing.  If my math is right, we’ll have done the equivalent of two of them in terms of the number of sea days by the time we disembark.

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