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Sean Spicer

Because I’m leaving for Boston in two days, I spent most of this afternoon at my beauty salon. Got my hair colored and my nails done. Felt pampered all the way.

At the same time, Press Secretary Sean Spicer fielded questions about his comments comparing Hitler of Germany and Assad of Syria in terms of gassing their own peoples. I was utterly amazed at Spicer’s lack of knowledge about World War II and what Hitler did. I also felt embarrassed that I was being pampered while this travesty of facts occurred.

Alternative facts are a narrative of the current administration, and Mr. Spicer certainly is on-board with this approach. So I expect nothing less than what Spicer showed as the mouthpiece for 45.

Still, I’d like to think someone in the employ of our government has done his homework. Hitler gassed his own people, most of them Jewish.  But there were Christians, gypsies, gays, and other dissidents as well. Assad seems to have gassed his own people as well.

I paid for my haircut and nails and left the salon. I’m pleased with the outcome of my afternoon at Reva. But I’m saddened that my experience is so far out of the reach of others in such dire circumstances.

Can you imagine a Syrian refugee enjoying a pedicure? No, neither can I.

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