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Second Chance

Most often, second chances are given to romantic relationships or teenager indiscretions or BFFs. They’re a way to give the people involved another opportunity to correct some problem and reconnect. I’m all for it. But in this case, second chance refers to returning to a new restaurant for a second helping when the first was less than filling.

I wouldn’t even have mentioned that I’d been to the café in question back in May when the server stood at our table.  But my friend told her that I’d had a most unimpressive experience when the restaurant first opened and that I hadn’t planned to return. But said friend had eaten there a week ago and gave glowing reports. Which is why I agreed to a second chance.

How did it turn out? Not badly.  The server was most accommodating once she learned I was a reluctant diner; she offered more than one apology and thanked me for returning.  I gave all the credit to my friend; because if she hadn’t chosen this place, it would still be on my short list.

Our food was excellent, although a little slow in arriving. But once it came we dove in and enjoyed every bite. For the finale, one of the restaurant’s owners graced us with two desserts to take home because she’d learned that I’d had a bad experience.  All in all, Full Circle Café in Stevensville did a yeoman’s job of earning a second chance.

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