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Shame on Me

You know the old adage: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

About four years ago Delta Airlines and I had a disagreement about a refund I strongly believed was mine while the company strongly believed otherwise. I even wrote Delta’s president about it, only to be offered more frequent flyer miles as compensation. I declined and vowed never to use that particular airline again.

I’ve held to that vow . . . until now.

But Delta had the only flight to Minneapolis on a certain day at a certain time that met my needs. It was priced reasonably too. So I ignored my vow, contacted my travel agent, and booked the flight. A while later, she called to say the reasonable price did not include a seat assignment and that I couldn’t get a seat until I got my boarding pass.

Red light, red light.

The bottom line is that Delta is waiting to see how many other seats fill and will then give me the one in the back row, since I’m paying less than other passengers. Never mind that different passengers pay different rates in the first place. And, while I didn’t verify this, I am leery that if the flight is oversold I shall be the first to be bumped, which means I wouldn’t be where I’m supposed to be on time.

There was a solution, however.  For a mere $56 more, I could be assigned a prime seat now and not have to worry. Under the circumstances, I chose to do that but mentally admonished Self for thinking Delta has changed.

Shame on me.

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