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Shame on Me

A year or so ago, Delta Airlines and I got into a major tiff; and I vowed I would never fly that airline again.  There have been opportunities since then, but I’ve kept my word. Because why would one want to fly an airline whose customer service is worse than abysmal?

Sheepishly I raise my hand.

I succumbed to a $130 flight to Albany, New York, because the next cheapest ticket was over $700.  And, yes, the bargain was on Delta.  I was to have left yesterday morning to catch a plane from South Bend to Detroit and then another one to Albany. Instead I’m sitting in my home and renewing my vow.

It was typical Delta.  Call me in the middle of the night to say the first plane was rescheduled and I couldn’t make the second one on time.  Offer no options.  So I moved my plans from yesterday to today.  Guess what?  Got a second call in the night for the same reason.  At this point, I’m rescheduled for next weekend, but have a back-up plan in case that third call in the night comes. I’ll drive to Detroit and get the flight from there.

In the past, Delta has cancelled flights; usually run late; almost left my son and his partner in Rome; made Earl and me wait twelve hours in LaGuardia; and forced Earl to stay an extra night when he attended an out-of-town funeral.  This should have been enough to alert me that things probably wouldn’t go smoothly, but I ignored them for for $130.

There’s an old saying:  “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” I guess I’m the fool this time.

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