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It’s against condo regulations, but I’m growing strawberries in a small area bounded by our home on one side and a sidewalk on the other. The plants offer a great ground cover for that flowerbed with the added benefit of strawberry shortcake for a brief time in June.

Today we sampled the crop and found it most acceptable. So I made biscuits from Bisquick®; buttered them with the real thing; layered them with the strawberries already cleaned, sliced, and sugared; and topped the entire masterpiece with whipped cream.

I didn’t know Earl had been into the whipped cream to grace previous strawberry pickings until I picked up the container and saw it was very light. He confessed and added ‘whipped cream’ to our grocery list. I emptied the current container, and we sat together enjoying the best shortcake money can’t buy.

I don’t even like strawberries very much, but the taste of a berry just picked from your own garden is like no other.

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