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Showing My Age

I’ve always thought that something worth attaining required some work. College degrees are built on this premise; so are promotions in a company.

But evidently today’s world is different. Case in point: A giant headline in the Sunday Chicago Tribune that shouts: “Finding a job shouldn’t be work.” The full page ad goes on to say: “In print and online, search jobs when and where you want with the Chicago Tribune.”

I understand that the newspaper is encouraging readers to use its career services to find leads to jobs, but that isn’t the same thing as actually landing a new job. Landing one involves creating a comprehensive resume with everything spelled correctly, studying the company one is applying to, possibly applying for the position on line, and then passing the interview phase without a gaffe. This seems like work to me.

Even if the Tribune provides a list of jobs that need filling, that’s only the first step. The rest is really up to the applicant. At least it was when I was in the work force.

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