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Small Plate

Over the last fifty years, studies and styles show that the average dinner plate suffers from the same malady as the humans who eat from it.  Both are becoming considerably larger.

According to www.vegkitchen.com, a dinner plate was approximately nine inches in diameter in the 1960s; while today it weighs in at a hefty twelve inches or more.  It needs to go on a diet.

Consider now the figurative object of the same name, the one people mean when they say, “I’ve got a lot on my plate right now.” In other words, the speaker is extremely busy with myriad commitments and not enough time to fulfill them without feeling harried.

I know.  I’ve been that speaker.  More than once.

But as the old year faded and I took stock, I realized that many of the projects on my figurative plate are completed.  My volunteer activities have wrapped up. I’m no longer a landlord, as we sold our last investment property in late December.  Heck, I’m not even gainfully employed. My family members seem to be in fairly good places too, so I’m relieved from serious worry about them.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

It doesn’t mean I’m sitting around eating chocolate truffles.  Rather, it means I’m going to follow the lead of some restaurants who are offering what they call “small plates.” I’m reducing both my dinner plate and my metaphorical plate accordingly. I may not eat as much or accomplish as much either, but I’ll feel full nonetheless.

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