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Earl makes a smoothie every morning in the name of healthy living.  Then he claims the right to avoid vegetables the rest of the day. My son, Kevin, also makes a smoothie most mornings; but it’s because, as a vegetarian and a marathon runner,  he needs to consume around five thousand healthy calories a day.

Me? I’ve come to the table lately.  Don’t like spending all those calories first thing in the morning when I’m not hungry.  Besides I love vegetables, can eat them all day long, and am not on a five thousand calories-a-day diet.

However, the health club I belong to has a café that offers various kinds of smoothies.  As a treat for doing an extra workout last week, I purchased the one called “Strength.” It contained spinach, banana, pineapple, mango – all fresh — some sort of powder, and almond milk.

It was really good too . . . and filling.  I made it almost to dinner without snacking. So I bought another one this morning.  That’s when I discovered the unsavory truth about this potential treat:  It was six dollars!

Let’s see.  If I bought one a day for a month, I’d have spent enough money to purchase a truly nice juicer or blender.  If I bought one a day for two months, I’d have spent enough money to purchase all the ingredients too.  And, since Earl already has a machine that chops spinach, purees banana and pineapple and mango, the obvious solution for me is to have Earl make a smoothie, put it in the refrigerator, and enjoy it at lunch.

I’m off to see if he’ll agree.

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