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Somber Thoughts

For people of a certain generation, December 7 is a hallmark in history.  I’m not one of those people, having been born three and a half years later.

At the same time, December 7 is a hallmark in my life.  My step-father, Ollie, died in his sleep on that day while my Mother was taking a friend to the airport. She returned to find her eighty-seven year old husband in their bed and unresponsive.

As a nurse, Mother was no stranger to death.  I don’t quite know what she did next; she never said.  But eventually she called me from her home in Arkansas and shared the news.  I said I’d come immediately and started making arrangements for the next flight from Chicago.

Ollie made all the difference in my adult life by marrying my Mother after I grew up and left home. She was a formidable presence, and she hated to be alone.  He relieved me – an only child – of worrying about this.  Ollie let me move on when he stepped in.

Not one December 7 passes that I don’t think of this quiet man, his devotion to my mother, and the contribution he made to the person I became.

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