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Sounds Good

Earl joined a community choir early this past fall, and he’s been practicing for a holiday concert ever since.

The criteria for membership were few. Singers had to be at least fifty years old and available for rehearsal on Tuesday afternoons at the local Area Agency on Aging. Auditions were not required, although a love of singing was.

Last night the group, called Sounds Good, performed its first local concert. It was spectacular!

Earl had jokingly said, “We’re pretty good, and if you close your eyes and just listen without seeing us we’re really good.” I think he meant some of the singers showed their ages. And they did. But that was the best part.

Here was a group of people who didn’t know each other in September that had come together with a common purpose. Some had trouble stepping onto the raised stage; their choir members helped them. Some didn’t read music; they learned the songs by ear. Quite possibly some had never been in a choir before; the seasoned singers welcomed them.

A second concert is being held tomorrow afternoon, and I’ll be there although I don’t know how the group will top last night’s performance.

A Spring concert is already in the works too, and I’m sure Earl will be involved.

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