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Every time I post a new blog I check for spam on the back end of my website. From October 6 to October 8, the time lapse between recent blogs, I received 4986 spam messages. And my spam filter alerted me that it has caught 103,190 message altogether in the past couple years.

I only wish I could count them as visitors to my website; if I could, every literary agent would be interested in me as a client.  Unfortunately, I’d then have to post all those comments on my website, and everyone else would see this was a sham.

That’s it:  Spam is a sham or a scam. It also gives the real Spam® a bad name. Which it doesn’t need, even though I won’t eat it. In fact, why doesn’t the real Spam® sue?

There is a ton of information on the Internet about how spamming came into being, its marketing appeal, its financial logic, its annoyance factor. There is even information about how to block it.  But in the end, like the cockroach, it seems destined to be with us for eternity.

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