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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


I’m writing this at 6:15 in the evening and saw earlier today that Spring formally arrives in another half hour.  I shall lift my glass in a toast, as it’s been a long, rough winter.

I’m not sure what I expect now that Spring is about to spring, but I’ve noticed the trees are already budding while the huge mounds of snow created are slowly disappearing. The world has a brown look, and I assume that soon hand-pushed fertilizer machines will make their appearance.

As for our flower beds, they are a disaster.  However, I did see that some of the tulips and most of the chrysanthemums made it.  Perhaps the roses under their rose cones did too.  I haven’t peeked yet.

What I notice most is that the spirt of Spring has arrived.  People are wearing less gear; they’re washing the grime from their cars; they’re even becoming cheerful again.  Soon they’ll open windows to let in the fresh air and quite possibly have the HVAC company check their air conditioning.

Where we live in the upper Midwest, this is the best time of the year . . . with winter behind us and summer ahead.  It’s time to emerge from our cocoons.

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