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Still Grillin’

I’m still experimenting with the Weber grill we bought a few weeks back.  And here is what I’ve learned to date.

  • It’s more fun to grill when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold.  Wind is also a factor. You don’t want to fight the elements for your dinner.
  • Timing is important.  When the directions say, “Heat coals for twenty minutes,” that’s what you do. And, once the food is on the grill, timing becomes even more essential.  Which is why I’m actually using a timer to grill my chicken breasts tonight.  Twenty minutes on one side; fifteen on the other under indirect heat.  (These are instructions I wouldn’t have understood in July.)
  • Smashed potatoes are delicious on the grill.  Par-boil them in heavily salted water; smash with the bottom of a glass; brush with oil and then put on the grill to toast. Yum!
  • You can re-use some of the coals as long as you close your grill immediately after you’re done and then add more coals for the next grilling experience.
  • Lighter fluid is better than it used to be when we grilled years ago.
  • Grilled food needs watching.  It’s not like cooking in the oven.  So it’s nice to sip a cocktail when you’re out there bonding with your dinner.
  • It’s also helpful if your husband or significant other will set the table.
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