?`s and ANNEswers

Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


The phone rings. My caller ID says someone in California or Texas is on the other end. I quickly calculate who I know in those states; and, since I actually know people in both, I push the little green telephone icon and say, “Hello.”

Silence . . . and I know I’ve been had. An automated voice is going to come on the line momentarily. It does and cheerily tells me I’ve been randomly selected as part of a political poll and would I answer just a few questions. I click off.

I don’t care if I’m randomly chosen or scientifically chosen or chosen by the Good Lord. I do not want to share my political opinions with strangers. I hardly want to share them with friends or my husband, since my opinions and theirs rarely coincide and I truly don’t want to offend.

I don’t understand why political entities can call me since I’m on the “Do Not Call” list. Are they exempt? Perhaps they are, but I didn’t get the memo. So in the future if my caller ID says the call is out-of-state, I think I’ll just let it go to voicemail. My friends know I will call them back.

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