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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


Last night a horrendous rain storm passed through our area; it didn’t waken Earl but it did wake me enough to realize that the current hot spell was probably broken in the hours before dawn. I then rolled over and went back to sleep.

When I finally arose and looked outside, our patio was a mess. Chairs were not only upended, but actually had flown over the fence and were lying, spread-eagle, on our lawn. Our grill was on its side and the indoor-outdoor carpet was rolled almost as tightly as it had been when the carpet vendor delivered it. It’s probably a good thing Earl slept through it all.

This afternoon, after the rain clouds passed, we smoothed out our patio carpet and put two huge flowering pots on the open corners to keep them flat in the next storm. We righted the grill and collected the chairs. We even enjoyed a moment outside in the cooler weather.

I was reminded of that old saying about an ill wind blowing no good. This was no exception; because yesterday, before the storm, I planted more flowers in the ninety degree heat. Watered them again in the evening; yet, I could see they still struggled.But this morning their heads were held high and now everything is in place.

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