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Stuffy Head

I am beset with a cold, not the worst I’ve ever had but certainly in the running. You know the symptoms as well as I do: watery eyes, red nose, voice an octave lower, and a chest that wonders if my lungs are doing their job.

I’ve tried to mentally revisit the past few days to determine whom I might have had contact with and gotten this “gift” from. But most of my acquaintances seemed relatively healthy; nobody gave me forewarnings when we greeted; and, on top of everything, the weather has been so mild this winter that wet feet and damp heads haven’t been an issue.Perhaps it’s politically induced.

How could this be? Well, let’s suspend reality a moment and consider these past few weeks on the campaign trail. They have been filled with vitriol and venom of all kinds on regular display via “debates” (I use the term loosely.). Could they be toxic? Could they attack the immune system if one if feels out of sorts with the political scene? Could they induce a low white blood cell count?

I have no empirical data, nor am I interested in spending time finding some. But I think I shall not watch the debate tonight and see if I feel better in the morning. Ignorance could be bliss.

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